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Scuba Diver Business Card Sculpture #1170

Scuba Diver Business Card Sculpture #1170

Scuba Business Card Sculpture


Semi Tractor Trailer 3D Paper Model – Business Card Sculpture 1417

Smallest 3d Paper semi Model in the world.

Waiting to hear back from Ripley’s.

Crown and Chandelier Card 3D

Inspired by: Yuichi Miyoshi

I could not find the Crown design in any of his books but have seen it across the internet.
I designed this as an A7 card for an upcoming birthday in the family.

The chandelier card is from his book:
Shiawase Okuru
Editor: Best Treasure


Letter A as 3D Business Card Sculpture

Letter A as 3D Business Card Sculpture

Letter A as 3D Business Card Sculpture

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