Journal of Petrina Case – Paper Engineer and Illustrator of -Pop-Up Books – Made to Order- Business Card Sculptures and Greeting Cards.

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Oil rig Drilling Jack Business Card Sculpture

Shipped 2 today for the same client.  Texas Tea  Design 8900


San Diego Chargers Fan

930 11520 exec san diego chargers

San Diego Fan Business Card Sculpture.

Made from 20 of your Business cards you send.

Be sure to see his tiny show laces peeking out from under the desk.


Therapist Business Card Sculpture

1475F therapist.jpg

Violin Business Card Sculpture

Design 8928-11395 ships tomorrow




Chiropractor Business Card Sculpture

Chiropractor Business Card Sculpture


Ophthalmologist Paper Model

1422 11218 Dr eye ophthal

Brain Surgeon Business Card Sculpture

10631063 11163 Brain Dr

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