Journal of Petrina Case – Paper Engineer and Illustrator of -Pop-Up Books – Made to Order- Business Card Sculptures and Greeting Cards.

Office Business Card Sculpture Office vs. Financial Suit vs Suspenders. IN/OUT basket vs pile of money. Both have cute shoe laces.

office business card sculpture
Financial Business Card Sculpture
Bee Pop-Up card front
Bee popup card inside
Miniature 2×2″ Book and doll

Miniature book 2X2 inches. ‘The Little Wood Doll’ Added dust cover and stronger storage box. Oh, what fun. Original book was 6.5 X 5″ AUTHOR DETAILS: Margery Williams Bianco (b) London 7/22/1881 – (d) 9/4/1944 Her original book was 6.5 X 5 inches. Photo – Public Domain. Illustrator – Pamela Bianco

Rigger business card sculpture
executive at Desk Business Card Sculpture
Made from 20 cards you send. See her tiny shoe laces peeking out from under the desk.
Made from 20 cards you send to PetrinaCaseStudio
Papercut EXLIBRIS – Reach for the stars- READ
EXLIBRIS – ClubHouse Papercut by Petrina Case

Bakery PopUp Card
Bake Shop PopUp Card 1976a
Card Front

New custom design ships tomorrow 2022 Vette

Vette 2022 Business Card Sculpture
Corvette 2022 Business Card Sculpture

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