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Crown and Chandelier Card 3D

Inspired by: Yuichi Miyoshi

I could not find the Crown design in any of his books but have seen it across the internet.
I designed this as an A7 card for an upcoming birthday in the family.

The chandelier card is from his book:
Shiawase Okuru
Editor: Best Treasure

Butterfly Pop-Up Card A7 and A9

Inspired by: Yuichi Miyoshi
I designed 2 sizes today. The A9 is too wobbly and the A7 seems just right size. 5X7

The Butterflies are from his book: Yume no ginsekai and I have seen his designs across the internet.

The photos are mine.1390 a7 a9 butterfly card

Bird in Globe with Red heat 7847R

Globe Birdie 7847R

Globe Birdie 7847R  Folds flat to mail.


New Embossed design

New Embossed design

Greeting card, change the saying and greeting.
> Tie a ribbon on:
5/8″ wide x 14″ long.
> Add a stick on gemstone, found in most craft stores or online.
> Put the card into an A2 envelope.
If you want a pattern for a free envelope to make yourself, just send me an E-mail and in the subject line put WordPress Petrina’s A2.

My E-mail:  PetrinaCase[at]

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