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Baby food jar – organize small bits for the Studio

Baby food jar - organize small bits for the Studio

Recycle, reuse baby food jars.


Organizing the Studio using Recycled Baby Food jars

Organizing teh Studio using Recycled Baby Food jars

Used a black Sharpie to color the jar lids.
Punched tags of various black & white designed paper to use on the very top of lid.
Punched flowers, 2 per top and bent the petals up before gluing one on top of the other…gives a nice dimensional effect.
Cut strips of the swirly paper 1/4″ wide and 6″ long to wrap a round the jar lid top.
Covered the original box in matching paper.

I will use a brighter color for the next set…some pinks and reds.


Embossing tags and book marks.

Embossing tags and book marks.

Adding inks, acrylic, Scripto, & printers. Ended up I like the one best with no ink.

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