Journal of Petrina Case – Paper Engineer and Illustrator of -Pop-Up Books – Made to Order- Business Card Sculptures and Greeting Cards.

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Chiropractor Business Card Sculpture 1378

Chiropractor Business Card Sculpture 1378
Chiropractor Business Card Sculpture 1378

Shoulder Surgeon Business Card Sculpture 1370

Shoulder Surgeon Business Card Sculpture 1370

Utility Truck Business Card Sculpture 9942

Utility, truck, vehicle, petrina case studio, land, business card sculpture
Made from 20 cards you send. Petrina Case Studio

Notre Dame University Gold Dome Business Card Sculpture

Notre Dame Dome Business Card Sculpture

New improved design – added finials. Ships tomorrow.


Lung Dr Pulmonologist Business Card Sculpture

Lung Dr Pulmonologist Business Card Sculpture, Petrina Case Studio Made from 20 cards you send.

Orthodontist Business Card Sculpture

Knee Doctor Operating Table 1660

Knee Doctor Operating Table 1660

Dr operating table business card sculpture

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