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Anniversary Globe Pop-Up Card

Anniversary Globe Pop-Up Card
Anniversary Globe Pop-Up Card
Folds flat to mail 5X7 A7

Places in Paper- Traveling Art Show by Guild of American Papercutters GAP

Places in Paper- Traveling Art Show by Guild of American Papercutters GAP

Papercut finished – window charm

Papercut finished – window charm

papercut, window charm, petrina case studio, paper, art

Ballerina Papercut Silhouette 1675

FIrst cuts


Therapist Business Card Sculpture

1475F therapist.jpg

Rowing Crew Pop-Up Card #1400

rowing crew

rowing crew

Violin papercut cards 1323 and 1324

Violin in out card 1323

T Violin in out card 1323

Violin card 1323

Violin card 1323

Violin silhouette card 1324

Violin silhouette card 1324 The strings are hand sewn in.  The finger board and fine tuner are added layers.

Guitar Papercut Sculpture and Card

Guitar Business Card Sculpture for the same client.
RIckenbacker. The pick guard is a separate layer.
The pick ups are two layered silver ink for the bottom layer, top layer black ink.
The frets are cut outs inlaid with pearlized paint.
Yup this one was fun…la la la la la la la ta da. Time to sleep – my brain is going wonky.

Guitar papercut

Made from 20 Business cards you send.

The  card is Half cut in – Half cut out and then layered and silver paint added with pearlized inlaid into the neck fret sections.


Stethoscope Papercut and Pop-Up card

Two new designs today



Stethoscope Pop-Up Card 1205

Stethoscope Pop-Up Card 1205

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