Journal of Petrina Case – Paper Engineer and Illustrator of -Pop-Up Books – Made to Order- Business Card Sculptures and Greeting Cards.

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Record Producer

Record Producer Business Card Sculpture.

New turntable design.
– All parts cut out separately before assembly.
– Record set on top of record player.
– Arm and needle set up high and off of the record.

930 11523 turntable



Guitar Business Card Sculpture

Guitar Business Card Sculpture


Passover Seder Pop-Up car invite

Violin Business Card Sculpture

Design 8928-11395 ships tomorrow



Violin Paper Models – Business Card Sculptures #8928

8928 violins.JPG

Client wanted 3 different business cards incorporated into each model.

Guitar Business Card Sculpture – Rickenbacker 1195

Guitar Business Card Sculpture

Guitar Business Card Sculpture

Music Envelope 1325

Set up a music envelope to give when they order a Music themed Pop-Up card

Envelope music a2 1325

Envelope music a2 1325

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