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Rose Pearl Ring – New Designs

Rose Pearl ring peach pearl 1707
on hand
ring gold pearl 1708
ring white blue accents 1709

Notre Dame Business Card Sculpture

Note Dame Paper Modal Business Card Scupture

Notre Dame Paper Modal Business Card Sculpture

I added 18KT gold leaf to the dome before shipping it off to the client.

Heart in Forest Box- Put your hopes and Dreams in

Heart in Forest Box Sculpture – Put your hopes and Dreams in.

——>  Inspired by John Next Door

I embossed the top.  Hung the 4 sided heart from a gold string.

Can be made from Wedding Invite, Valentine Card, Business Cards, Your photos, Artists Cardstock Paper…et al.

Heart in Forest Paper Box

Heart in Forest Paper Box

1212_forest_heart_top 1212_forest_hearts_11

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