Journal of Petrina Case – Paper Engineer and Illustrator of -Pop-Up Books – Made to Order- Business Card Sculptures and Greeting Cards.

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Heart in Forest Box- Put your hopes and Dreams in

Heart in Forest Box Sculpture – Put your hopes and Dreams in.

——>  Inspired by John Next Door

I embossed the top.  Hung the 4 sided heart from a gold string.

Can be made from Wedding Invite, Valentine Card, Business Cards, Your photos, Artists Cardstock Paper…et al.

Heart in Forest Paper Box

Heart in Forest Paper Box

1212_forest_heart_top 1212_forest_hearts_11

Taj Mahal under Glass Dome

Made from your Wedding Invitation or Valentine Card or just Artists cardstock paper.

I handcut the Taj Mahal and secure it to a wood base, under a glass dome.

Taj Mahal Pop-Up card

Taj Mahal Pop-Up card

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